MorMar was created with the dream of being part of many people’s lives



Founded in December 2017 by María Morales Martín at age 31, MorMar Property Solutions was born to provide the best service to the exclusive clients who wish to enjoy a property in La Alcazaba. 

With a very large portfolio of properties in La Alcazaba and clients who contact her in every trip to Marbella, María established MorMar following her working experience in customer service, holiday accommodation and other areas of the hospitality industry.

"My main aim is to provide a correct advice to each client, according to their needs, and to make them feel confident and comfortable throughout any process and decisions they may need to take.”

Fluent in Spanish, English and French, her direct contact with customers has given herself solid experience with numerous nationalities, being known for her personal way of dealing with her clients.  As many of them always tell her, –you are the reason why we want to choose this place.


“Thank you very much to all of you for letting me accompany you in your property research in the Costa del Sol.  I wait for you all in Marbella!”


María Morales

MorMar Property Solutions

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